M·A·C Artists take Halloween makeup from extraterrestrial to ethereal with six totally transformative looks, including Alien Queen, Galactic Ghoul, Space Vampire, Celestial Sorceress, Space Traveller and Cyborg. Watch our detailed instructional videos with product recommendations to learn how you can conjure up this otherworldly beauty here on Earth.

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M·A·C Halloween: Celestial Sorceress

by Alicia Martinez
Make your mark! Summon a cosmic spell this Halloween with this mystical #MACSpaceSquad look created by artist Alicia Martinez.

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M·A·C Halloween: Cyborg

by Ashley Tiopo
Seize the future with #MACSpaceSquad! Indulge in unearthly android beauty on Halloween with this sleek Cyborg transformation by artist Ashley Tiopo.

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M·A·C Halloween: Galactic Ghoul

by Fernando Lustosa
Go for a chilling but cool Galactic Ghoul look this Halloween! Learn how Fernando Lustosa creates this sci-fi-inspired #MACSpaceSquad character, then try your own.

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M·A·C Halloween: Space Vampire

by Georgia Cutts
When you’re part of #MACSpaceSquad, you’re always looking out for new blood! Fuse classic horror with futuristic appeal this Halloween with this inventive Space Vampire look by artist Georgia Cutts.

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M·A·C Halloween: Space Traveller

by Belle Jackson
Ground control to #MACSpaceSquad! Be an interstellar sensation this Halloween in this otherworldly Space Traveller look by Belle Jackson.

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M·A·C Halloween: Alien Queen

by Stephanie Roberts
Feeling spacey? So are we, in the best way possible. Watch as makeup artist Stephanie Roberts designs an imperial Alien Queen look — perfect for your #MACSpaceSquad this Halloween.

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