Beatriz Cisneros

Started in 2000

About The Artist

Senior Artist Beatriz Cisneros

began her makeup career customizing magazine editorials at school. “I would sneak magazines in to read and if I felt that the model wasn’t wearing enough makeup, I would colour in her eyes, cheeks and lips and draw on some more eyelashes,” she admits. She developed her practice working behind the counter at M·A·C for two years, before going on to have a global career promoting a look and style quintessential to her native Mexico. “I am from a country full of culture, colour and tradition,” she explains. “The face is my canvas to reflect that and makeup is my passion.”

Eye See You!

“I adore eyes. They’re the window to the soul. The first M·A·C product I fell in love with was Smoulder Eye Kohl, because you can create anything with it and the texture and colour are perfect. 7 Lash and Carbon Eye Shadow should also be in every makeup bag. I’m always giving away eye shadows like Black Tied, which everyone loves for their durability and pigmentation.”

Simply Does It

“When I’m not out championing my signature looks I like to stay at home, listening to music and reading a book. I also like simple makeup and recommend the Silver Dusk Iridescent Powder for its versatility, Posey Cremeblend Blush for a subtle tint on the cheek and Peaches Powder Blush, for an instant dose of HEALTHY.”

Au Naturel?

“Working at the M·A·C counter, I was always surprised because customers would ask for natural makeup, just like mine; which must say something about the M·A·C customer because I was always wearing black smoky eye together with Electric Eel Eye Shadow!”

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