Global Senior Artist Carol Mackie shares her top tips for quick touch-ups on the go.


Whether it has been a long day in the office and you’ve barely had time to glance at your reflection, or you’ve spent time outdoors in the scorching sun and your makeup has melted off by mid-morning, finding time to give your makeup a quick refresh often ranks low in priority on your to-do list. With that in mind, there’s nothing like a few fast fix-its and touch-up tips that make you feel instantly better and ready to tackle the day (or what’s left it). To give us the lowdown, who better to turn to for advice than our Global Senior Artist Carol Mackie.

SPRITZ FIX +: You are likely well-versed in the benefits of M∙A∙C’s cult hydrating mist Fix + but for those that aren’t, here’s the lowdown. Keep one on hand throughout the day for when you need an instant hit of hydration ‑ it contains soothing chamomile, cucumber and caffeine to give tired skin a quick pick-me-up. “I love to spritz M∙A∙C Fix + and use a makeup sponge to press it into the skin, which helps to push it into the complexion rather than have it sitting on the surface [of the skin],” explains Mackie. “Also, I love to keep it in the fridge – it’s so cooling and refreshing!”

TOUCH UP YOUR POUT: To instantly rehydrate your lips when you are wearing a matte lipstick, rather than adding balm or M∙A∙C Lip Conditioner, which will change the texture of your lipstick, Mackie recommends adding Prep + Prime Lip Primer. “It’s more like a magnet for your lipstick and will prevent it from feathering,” she explains. Adding Lip Conditioner, which contains shea butter, “will give [your lipstick] a creamy, glossy texture.”

DAB ON SOME EYE CREAM: If you thought you could only apply eye cream as part of your skincare routine in the morning or evening, we’ve got some good news in store – Mackie says that you can use one throughout the day, too. “Tap on some eye cream under the eyes to help minimise puffiness and reduce dark circles,” she explains. Her pro pick? The caffeine-infused M∙A∙C Prep + Prime Fast Response Eye Cream.

DOUBLE UP COLOUR ON YOUR CHEEKS AND LIPS: If you’re racing off to a meeting or feel you’re your complexion needs a hint of colour, Mackie recommends that you use your  M∙A∙C Lipstick as a cheek product, too. “Pop on your lipstick and tap it in to achieve a stain-like finish, then add it to the cheeks so it acts as a cream blush.” The even better news is that by using your fingers you can control the intensity of the colour on both lips and cheeks alike.

POP ON SOME CONCEALER: If you need to cover up any imperfections or dark circles without reapplying foundation, a touch of concealer and a mist of M∙A∙C Fix + will do the trick. “If you go straight in with more concealer after you have already applied foundation and powder, it will just become cakey, peel and change consistency,” explains Mackie. Instead, if you add concealer after a mist of Fix + (which will rehydrate the skin), Mackie says that it will help to manipulate the concealer so that it’s easy to apply over existing makeup and in turn create a more natural finish. Genius, right?