Explore a range of compacts, inserts and pans offering more combinations than ever. First, select a compact, then choose complementary inserts where applicable, and finally, fill with the corresponding product pans of your choice! It’s good to be a Pro!


Select a compact that fits your preference for size and product pan options.


Play around with different inserts and pans to create a palette for endless looks with effortless ease.

Eye Shadow & Concealer

Eye Shadow & Concealer

Pro Palette Eyes/ Concealer X 6 Insert

6 Compartments, Customizable, Portable


Pro Palette Eye Shadow x15

15 Compartments, Customizable, Portable


Eye Shadow / Pro Palette Refill Pan

Rich Colour, Professional


Blush & Powder

Blush & Powder

Sculpting Powder Pro Palette

Sheer Coverage, Matte Finish, Contouring


Shaping Powder Pro Palette

Buildable Coverage, Smooth Finish, Highlighting


Cream Colour Base

Cream Colour Base